Laura Goodson was raised in Southwest Texas not far from the Mexico border and now hangs her hat between the mountains of Colorado (Denver) and Tejas (Houston).

Her Grandpa Pete taught her how to draw a cowboy hat at an early age and these days you won't catch her without one. Her art hasn't strayed much either.

Laura Goodson’s work is a modern representation of americana/western figures of the past and occasionally their unforgiving landscapes. Her work is dominated by bold, hat wearing cowboys, bandits and outlaws.

​She lets the depth of her characters and their journey come through bold lines and hard shadowing to emphasize physical pain and grit endured by emotional discourse and hardship.

Laura’s work is monochrome; she allows the lack of color to represent the simplicity of character sharing a distinct line between good and evil. She herself a gender outlaw only paints masculine figures riddled with humility, sadness, guilt, misdirection and heartbreak; 2 dimensionally delivering layers of loss and the power of resilience.

Laura has been featured in Jack Rabbit Gallery (Houston), Hacienda Zotoluca (Apan, Mexico), Will Leather Goods (Houston), Arka Art Gallery (Houston), and the Dairy Block (Denver). She supports violently through her charitable giving of her work: several community-focused non-profits.


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