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The Start of it All | Will Leather Goods solo pop-up show


How did it all begin? I think many folks were caught off guard to see me having shows with my pieces, mostly considering nobody knew I painted…and probably the biggest surprise was that of my own because I also didn’t know I painted and well mostly because I hadn’t before. Not once, not unless it was some time when I was in grade school that has since been removed from my memory.

Truth is I started this entire journey to try and impress a girl that was far outside of my league and very fond of the arts. As we dipped our toe into dating (don’t even get me started on the amount of manipulation/convincing/drugging I had to do to get her even to this point) I quickly saw this outside dog was not nearly as interesting as the art we would see at shows and more importantly the characters behind the art that continually caught her attention. I found my appreciation for art at the VERY young age of 33 (not proud of that) mostly because I saw the way it would light her up, I wasn’t immune to that excitement when I was with her.

So it began, and I foolishly and decidedly picked up a canvas, black oil (I mean what else would I get).. I didn’t even understand the size and reasoning behind the multitude of brushes/paints/canvas in this art store. So I acted as confidently as one could with my single brush and my 5-pack of canvases as I walked to my car post-purchase. I would talk to her in the evenings, and casually mentioned the idea that I would be giving her art that wasn’t adorned in all the bright colors she seemed to be drawn to…I had a blind confidence in myself to produce something she would love without actually knowing what the hell I was doing, and I’d be pretty stubborn to not say I had hoped it would open up more doors for us to know one another. I painted a few pieces while we talked on the phone that night. A cowboy, a woman’s silhouette, and a cactus; let’s stick to what I know in my mind and see if it actually translates to canvas…it did, kinda.

I’d say it was exactly 3 days later and at least a dozen scotches consumed when Magen and I went to Will Leather Goods in the Heights Mercantile of Houston, TX. While there a fine young man commented on my hat and that he had seen me before. This happens on occasion, not sure why but people remember me, it’s either the hat or the foam from my mouth that makes me memorable #rabies. His simple question following up on “I remember you” was “what have you been up to” at which I quickly said “ohhh you know just being an artist painting masterpieces” this was to get a laugh from Magen but it opened up the door to Magen showing him my 3 paintings (because that is all I had in its entirety). Next thing I know Will Leather Goods asked me to do a solo-pop up show. Well fuck. Had it not been for Magen I would have completely declined this opportunity as I could not even imagine standing in front of these 3 day old paintings for folks that might quickly understand me not to be an actual artist. BUT Magen was there so I had to say yes or I’d surely lose her interest (let’s be honest; just as I am no painter…I am no model, so all I’ve got is some luck and my humor and sometimes pretending to be something else is funny so I went with it). Let’s be even more honest my pop-up was 6 days away and I had a 2 day golf tournament in Dallas (yes I am also a very poor golfer). So I had 4 days to produce enough paintings to make it appear as though I had my shit together as an “artist”.

I did that, I painted 12 paintings in 1 night because I procrastinate when it comes to being something I am not. I showed up, Magen gave me scotch and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. Hey I even got a few sold: WILD

That started something that I haven’t been able to get a handle on since. Quickly following that show I was asked to exhibit/sell at Arka Art for Buffalo Market. This event included several local artists/vendors/music/food just on the edge of downtown. Once again, a great event with tons of fun and interesting folks.


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