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We sold a LOT of pieces at the Texas Heat Wave opening reception, the room was packed and some folks couldn’t get their piece bc they were either too busy drinking that bourbon and enjoying good company or couldn’t find someone to take their money...yes it was packed

Jack Rabbit Gallery

- all works sold -

Texas Heat Wave

Opening Night Recap

My spurs are still spinning...

Thank you to all the folks that came out to the Texas Heat Wave opening night at Jack Rabbit was HOTT!! I saw so many of my favorites, my long time thick and thinners (y’all family!) new faces and my gang of bandit friends. My biggest thank you to my forever muse Magen Pastor for making this thing go off the rails in a very wild west kinda way and well quite honestly creating this avenue of art in my life. She inspires, she motivates me, she allows me to be me and that gives me the confidence to create and share..and well I have to be honest sometimes she bosses me around too.
We laugh and love so damn much but I have to say our family and friends are our addiction, and at the Texas Heat Wave Opener we got to feed that addiction full on by being surrounded with our gang. I saw lots of laughter, some BA dancing, some damn fine art collecting, lots of hugs and kisses (I had a few diff colors on my cheek) in a gorgeous gallery among incredible art (I’m talking about you guys; other artist displaying).
My only regret is not getting more time with each person there so let’s throw another party and do this shit all over again. #giddyup

Special thanks for asking me to be a part of the Texas Heat Wave Show @JackRabbitGallery
Thank you for drinks and thangs @BuffaloTraceDistillery @WheatleyVodka @nofunever
Thank you for getting folks there and home safe by @ExcelsiorTransportation
@MagenPastor getting a huge crew together and @SharonJB_ on all the logistics
@EmilyJaschke for taking mugshots of all of us being bad. #webad

Recap Video

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